Synth Offers Solutions

S.O.S. Charity Shoppe is a community based organization seeking to assist and advance tomorrow’s philanthropic entrepreneurs.

100% of revenue goes directly to the artist, charity or foundation of the item you purchase.
We are proud to be the EXCLUSIVE retail location for:

  • Artistics by Rudi/Granny Gina’s Gifts from God: Hand designed stationary. Proceeds go to help the Mentally disadvantaged.
  • AVON Foundation Items: Supports awareness, education and funding for the end to Breast Cancer and Domestic/Sexual Violence.
  • Beauty with a Purpose: AVON selling, training and educational opportunities.
  • B.IT.E By BYTE: The Lower Columbia College’s Business and Information Technology’s Cooking Up Community‘s Cookbook Fundraising Club. Featuring current and former club members favorite recipes. All proceeds go to the BTEC’s Scholarship fund which is awarded to student members. Now offering YEAR-ROUND Gift Wrapping for donations in kind! The Bite By Byte Club is an501(c)3 corporation. Donations for any and all gift wrapping supplies gratefully accepted.
  • Brian Kibbons Photography: As featured on the cover and slipcase of the CD Ghost by the Devin Townsend Project’s CD, a PNW native, Brian captures the stunning natural beauty of our gorgeous planet and all its splendor. Artwork and decor.
  • D’Andi Designs: Customized hula hoops and Fairie accessories.
  • Kerbear Kreations: Reduced, reused and re-purposed items for your home.
  • Mamma Meme’s Marvelous Munchies: Customized Treats.

S.O.S. Charity Shoppe is a subdivision of S.O.S. Business Enterprises.