Winner, Winner, CHICK’n Dinner!

I am pleased and delighted to tell you all that I have been selected to receive a $4,000.00 educational Scholarship from AVON and the AVON FOUNDATION’s Scholarship program.

Special thanks go to Nancy I. Delgado, Manager: Grants and Programs, Avon Foundation for Women, 1 AVON PLAZA, RYE, NY 10580.

Words, feelings, and emotions cannot express the level of thankfulness and gratitude in my heart right now.

As many of you know my sole focus in being an Avon Representative is to educate the average person about all the wonderful things Avon is doing through its foundation against the fight to end Breast Cancer and its work to end, educate, and eradicate Domestic & Sexual Violence.

The reward of this award will help me to continue to reach out to the community, the business owners, and promoters of good will to empower and elevate our fellow humans.

Most Humbly,

Cynthia “Synth” Surber

What’s a Charity Shoppe?

A shop in which a charity sells all types of goods that are given by the public, or in which they sell new goods, to make money for the work of the charity.